Putting Numbers into Perspective

Expanding from my previous post about directive vs. creative advertising, this post is all about putting the numbers into perspective. Even though the Dot Com boom is long-over, there are still total misconceptions, or better yet, completely out of line expectations of what Internet numbers mean for local businesses.

Addiction: Do You Have a Problem?

Chances are we all know people who have an addiction. It could be smoking, drugs, drinking, bad relationships, or a whole host of things that people know is wrong yet they continue doing. Smoking is a great example, every person who smokes knows it has negative health risks, yet they continue to do it. All

Let your salespeople know what you are doing

Over the past 10-weeks I have had a number of discussions on tracking. Many organizations collect their tracking information from their sales staff. However, one area that can be really misleading, in terms of collecting proper information, is not letting your staff know what you are doing and what questions to ask. I see this