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2005 – Year in Review (Comedy)

Well 2005 is about to expire. Over the course of this year, we have covered many topics on internet marketing in Calgary, advertising and business success stories.

To all my clients at KS2 Solutions Inc., the business relationships I formed in 2005, friends and family, I wish you a festive holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Now I want to share a good laugh with you. I received this in my email box and it made me laugh as well as think about the great year 2005 was.

Comparison of life in 1975 vs. 2005 Continue reading

Chinook Centre – Taking Over Your Car’s Front Windshield

If you have not travelled north or south bound on Macleod Trail coming into and going out of downtown Calgary lately, you might just want to take a trip. What you will notice is Chinook Centre has purchased a large majority of outdoor billboards going both directions on Macleod Trail. Although I have not counted myself, a reliable source had told me he has only seen 2 billboards that did not contain Chinook Centre advertising.

What I find quite interesting about this strategy is that, for all effective purposes, Chinook Centre is dominating the advertising vehicle of Macleod Trail. As I often explain to clients, all advertising is equal, the question of effectiveness boils down to how you use the medium and whether you control the medium. Clearly Chinook Centre for this Christmas Season has chosen to dominate outdoor on Macleod. Continue reading