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Word of Mouth Marketing in Five Easy Steps

Here is a great article written by Andy Sernovitz, the CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (, a non-profit organization that represents 240 companies.

The last direct post I made regarding Word of Mouth advertising was related to Google Local Advertising. You can read that post here.

What I like about Andy’s article is it provide a really template of steps to increase the overall effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. As Internet tools bring more and more power and tracking to marketing efforts, he also focuses on tracking word-of-mouth advertising, which is critical to really attain significant growth. That being said, here is the article from Andy. Continue reading

Winterberry Group Report Quantifies Fundamental Marketing Shift as Spending Moves “Below-the-Line”

As reported on January 23, 2006 by Winterberry Group (full article located in this posting) we are starting to see a shift of marketers to more direct response mechanisms. This shift is also happening with local retailers in Canada. Even the retailers that use TV, newspapers, radio (brand building mechanisms) are using them as more direct response with weekend sales, midnight madness, etc. This really comes as no surprise as more and more retailers are questioning their ad spends more closely and want the immediate impact of results.

I will discuss this in more detail in another posting, however, please take a read at what Winterberry Group has discovered.

Direct Response-Oriented Marketing Spending Forecasted at 7.8 Percent Annual Growth Through 2007; Brand Marketing Growing Just 5.5 Percent.

NEW YORK – January 23, 2006 – Faced with media fragmentation and escalating demand for measurable results, U.S. marketers are significantly shifting their spending from brand building to direct response-oriented promotional channels, according to a new report released today by Winterberry Group, a leading strategic consulting firm serving the direct marketing, marketing services and marketing technology industries. Continue reading

(VoIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol – Should You Consider Switching in 2006?

One question that I am starting to receive more of is, “What are you thoughts on VoIP service and how effective does it work?”.

The short answers are, I really welcome VoIP service and does it work, you bet, the service worked great. The end of this article, I talk about 4 reasons why you should consider switching your land-line service to VoIP.

I personally switched my local land-line service to Primus TalkBroadband in early 2004. Primus switched my phone line for me and sent me a modem in the mail to plug into my high-speed connection. Once I received the modem, I simply connected it to my high-speed connection, plugged in my phone and voila, I had telephone service. Continue reading