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Automakers to Account for 15 percent of U.S. Online Advertising Spend in 2007

The following articles is taken from What’s important to note is how this is going to affect local dealership advertising. Traditionally dealers have pumped alot of money into medium’s like newspaper, however, the question for Calgary automotive dealerships is how to put together a strong online campaign? The rate of print media is dropping by about 3% per year (on average from 2002-2005). Source: unaudited figures provided by Canadian Publishers to the Audit Bureau of Circulation’s Canadian office, as published in Canadian Business Magazine (February 13-26, 2006).

Having worked extensively in the past couple of years with local dealers, I will highlight in an upcoming post some strategies that I used to increase walk-through traffic to dealers.

However, onto the article from MarketingVox, Continue reading

Beautiful Web Sites Seldom Make More Sales

This article is not written by myself. Rather it is written by Vishal P. Rao. There are some good points, hence my reason for publication.

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Designing an E-commerce Web site is not as simple as having a “pretty” site that is a pleasure to visit. While it is important to have an attractive site, as much thought must be given to functionality as to appearance.

Many Web designers seem to focus more on appearance than functionality, and while an attractive site is helpful, visitors that become frustrated by the inability of a site to function well, will leave almost immediately, never to return! Continue reading

Can The Internet Drive More Business To Local Dealers Than Friends and Family?

Well, according to the latest Polk Center for Automotive Studies (January 31, 2006), this is exactly the case when it comes to first-time car buyers aged 18-30. Not only is the Internet outperfoming friends and family, and it has virtually rendered traditional media (tv, newspapers and radio) obsolete.

As a consultant to many local businesses, this trend is going to continue in the next of years. It use to be that advertising high ticket items in the newspapers was the most logical and critical step to moving products. However, local businesses will end of following their manufacturers lead and investing more money in online promotions.

To continue, the study interviewed 366 first-time buyers and where asked what is the most important source of information when making the decision to purchase a car for the first time.

 The results are as follows: Continue reading