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I Made the Top 40 Canadian Internet Marketers in 2009 From Click! Weekly

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I have been included in the list of top 40 Canadian Internet Marketers as published by Click! Weekly. It is a very nice honor to be included on a list with some incredible people in the Canadian Internet Landscape, many of whom I respect and admire myself as being leaders I look up to such as Mitch Joel, Owen Sagness, Louse Clements, Hunter Madsen to name a few.

The following text is the intro text from the Click! Weekly Post; Click! Weekly names Top 40 Canadian Online Marketers of 2009.

Inaugural list recognizes country’s most creative, innovative online marketing professionals

The results are in for the first annual Click! Weekly Top Online Marketers of 2009. From the hundreds of nominations we received we have selected our top 40. This inaugural list recognizes the best online marketing professionals in Canada.

This hot list celebrates online marketing leaders and innovators in Canada. The final 40 winners were chosen by a judging panel of industry experts and Click! Weekly editorial staff based on their creative strategies and passionate dedication for online marketing.

The Click! Weekly Top Online Marketers of 2009 were recognized at the IAB Canada MIXX event held on September 29 in Toronto. A complete booklet of winner bios and photos will be available for order through in mid-October.

See who the other 39 great Canadian Internet Marketers.

I Will Be Attending Kelsey Group’s: Directional Media Strategies 2009

This week I will be attending Kelsey Group’s 30th Yellow Pages Conference called Directional Media Strategies. This year’s conference is held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida. I will be staying at the Sheraton Safari Hotel and Suites. I have had the opportunity with Yellow Pages Group, representing, to have attended all the Kelsey Conferences since 2006. During that time I have formed some incredible relationships, both business and personal. I am looking forward to this particular conference for the following:

1) The mood in the Yellow Pages industry is changing and changing positively. Towards the end of 2006 and 2007 the mood at these conferences was more doom and gloom as opposed to positive. However, since the Interactive Local Media conference in 2008 (this year it is held in December in Los Angeles) and the conference earlier this year, the mood in the industry seems to have shifted. There is lots of innovation happening and the future of local search is very exciting as IYP’s look to evolve to the growing demands of consumers.

2) Some very exciting panels this year. My experience with the Directional Media Strategies conference is that of the three conferences held per year, this tends to be the one that is least exciting. However, this year is shaping up to be different and I am very much looking forward to this conference. Sessions I am looking forward to include; Global Yellow Pages: A Prescription for Future Success, The Yellow Pages App Store: Securing a Mobile Future for Yellow Pages, Vertical Case Studies: Lessons for Yellow Pages Publishers, Mobile Search & Yellow Pages: The Business Model, and Print Yellow Pages 2013: Critical Changes to the Core Product and Video — Evolving a Must-Have Offering to name a few.

As always my conference will be extremely busy with sessions, meeting with potential partners and entertaining. Best way to contact me during the conference is through my LinkedIn Profle or send me a comment on my blog.

Mazda 6 Check Engine Light

Although this has nothing to do with my normal posts around the local internet space, I thought I would post this in case any other people have had this problem.

Here is what happened. I was driving back from Saskatoon to Calgary and usually do a quick pit stop at Hanna for some fuel. Heading westbound I stopped at Brandy’s Gas Bar Ltd. This is a Esso branded gas station if you collect Esso Extra points. BTW – only complaint, this location has 1 washroom for men and 1 for women and considering how busy it is, they really should expand – the line-ups are stupid, especially on long-weekends.

Back to the Mazda 6 issue. I pulled up to one of the pumps and opened the gas cap only. I released that the gas pump itself was “out of service” so I started up the car and pulled it around to another pump. I did not put the gas cap back on during this 10 second drive. After filling up and paying we were ready to hit the road. This is when the Check Engine Light came on.

Check Engine Light

I was concerned about this especially when you are a couple of hours from home and after leaving Hanna there is nothing for the next hour. We concluded that it is likely a result of the little drive around the pumps with the gas cap off and continued back to Calgary. The Mazda 6 drove smoothly back to Calgary – Zoom Zoom.

I was hoping that if the car sat for an evening that the engine light would reset itself, otherwise, I was going to have to take it to get reset. The car sat for the evening and the next morning, the light was still on. I was thinking this was going to require a trip to Fountain Tire or Kramer Mazda for a reset.

Day Two: the light was still on in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to pick up my wife at the hospital. I turned the car off while waiting and when I started it back up – voila – the Check Engine Light was no longer on. I don’t know why it went off at this time, but it did. I am sure somebody out there can explain the specifics of what happened.

Morale of the store:

1) Don’t move your car with the gas cap off
2) If you do and the Check Engine Light is on, you should be okay and it might go away on its own. Alternately you can have it reset at Garage Auto Repair Shop.

Well my vacation is now done so I will resume regular posting about my favorite subject – Internet Marketing.