Trademark Infridgement

Planning to incorporate a competitor’s trademark into your pay per click campaign, meta tags, or search engine optimized services? I recommend against it. Some still consider the Internet to be the wild west, where basically you can get away with anything provided you don’t caught. Although in many cases, businesses are getting away with trademark

Setting Goals for Your Web Site?

Question? Would you hire a sales person without first knowing their purpose, their targets, and how you want them to interact with your customers? Most business owners would say “that is a stupid way to hire sales people”. So, if it is unacceptable to hire sales people this way, why is it acceptable to set-up

2005 is the Year Businesses Grow up on the Web

How will your business approach the Internet in 2005? Will you consider it nothing more than a place where teenagers hang-out to instant message their friend? Or, will you consider a valuable part of your businesses marketing strategy, one that will either give you a competitive advantage over your competition or one that will eventually