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Canadian Media Companies; Revenue Per UV and Thoughts on the Bell – Astral Deal

In the past 2-weeks some interesting news in the Canadian media space has happened. First, on March 16, BCE announced the purchase of Astral Media for 3.38B and second Borrell Associates has released its 2011 Revenue Survey, Benchmarking Local Online Media. There are 4 Canadian companies listed in the Borrell revenue survey which are Yellow Media IncTranscontinental, TorStar Digital and PostMedia and their ranking by north american digital revenues are #7, #14, #21 and #24 respectively. The largest 3 players in terms of revenues where AutoTrader.com, AT&T YellowPages.com and Groupon.

Borrell does some interesting comparisons in their report such as average online revenue per site by operator and average per-market ad revenue for local pure-play internet companies. In the latter category Groupon leads followed by Craigslist.org and AutoTrader.com. However, I wanted to take a more CDN view of this data.

First, I decided to take a look at the past 6-months average ComScore UV’s for each of the networks listed above.

The data is as follows;

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Groupon Hits $1M in Gross Revenue in Canada

Groupon - Daily Deals - Canada - Toronto - VancouverChicago based Groupon which started selling its daily deals in Canada on April 19 in Toronto and on April 26 in Vancouver has hit the $1M in gross revenues over this past weekend (Saturday morning roughly). This is according to my tracking document and not an official release from the company.

Some other interesting facts about their first 2-months in Canada:

Toronto represents 51% of their Groupons Sold, while Vancouver is at 49% of the total sales volume
In terms of gross revenues, Toronto is 52.6%, Vancouver at 47.4% of gross revenue.
In terms of savings to consumers – Groupon has saved consumers $1.56M during this time.

With respect to ComScore traffic, they started to register in February of this year and are a good upward trend, breaking the 200K UV mark in May.

Groupon - Comscore - Media Tracking

Canadian’s Flocked to CTVOlympics.ca in February

The February numbers of ComScore came out late last week and I was very curious as to the impact the Olympics had on the CTV Network. The results are incredible. According to ComScore, 6.951M Canadians logged onto CTVOlympics.ca in the month of February generated a whopping 28M visits for the month and 658M page views. The number of US citizens who logged onto CTVOlympics.ca was equally impressive coming in at 1.423M. The Olympics helped push the CTV network into the #8 spot for most visited Canadian online property and breaking 11M users network wide for the month.

Back in 2005 when CTV won the bid (see article), the alliance lead by Bell GlobeMedia between CTV and Rogers paid $153M for the rights to broadcast.

Playing with some pure online math, this would mean that CTV paid $22 per unique online user or $5.46 per visit or $0.23 cents per page view. Which means to break even, from a pure online perspective CTV would needed to have monetized at $232 CPM.

Of course you can’t look at this from a pure online perspective, this was for the entire broadcast rights, including television which all accounts show did extremely well for CTV. Did CTV monetize this traffic well, I am not sure, but the raw traffic numbers are impressive.

Will WorldCup of Soccer have the same impact? We will see later this year.

Most Popular Calgary Shopping Mall Websites in Comscore

In doing some research work this afternoon using ComScore Media Metrix, I noticed the Cross Iron Mills mall in the results. This got me thinking; which Calgary Shopping Mall website is actually the most popular?

Here are the results:

Most Popular Calgary Shopping Mall Websites

This is only a 2009 view, but what was interesting is that Cross Iron Mills was getting some incredible web traffic from the time it registered in September and peaking in October and from a web perspective has established itself as Calgary’s leading shopping mall.

In September, Cross Iron Mills had more web traffic than both Market Mall and the Chinook Centre had combined. In October, same thing, Cross Iron Mills dominated the landscape but notice the spike in traffic to the Market Mall website.

Was this a result of the fact that Cross Iron Mills was the first shopping mall to open in 25-years or the fact that they were investing heavily in all forms of traditional media advertising. I suspect a combination of both.

Now if you are from Calgary you are probably asking yourself about the other malls, SouthCentre, Deerfoot and Sunridge. These malls do not have their own websites, instead they resolve to Shopping.ca – so if I included the numbers for shopping.ca it would have skewed the pure results.

What I can tell you is that the shopping.ca network of mall sites, which includes all the Cambridge Ivanhoe properties in Canada has only 311K visitors registered in October with the best month of the year in being May at 455K. Considering in October that Cross Iron had 82K or 26.37% of the traffic of shopping.ca (with all the properties), it is safe to say Cross Iron is still the king in terms of traffic in Calgary.

The other malls in Calgary that have independent websites are not registered in ComScore, hence they were not included.

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