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Wisdom @ Work – The Making of a Modern Elder

The last long weekend of the summer and I had a chance to finish my latest read. This once was written by Chip Conley who has a website called Modern Elder Academy. As somebody who has spent the last 22-years in digital marketing space, I found this read very timely. This industry has given me

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Company of One, Measure What Matters and New to Big

Over the past 6-weeks I had a chance to catch-up on some reading. Below are my insights on 3 of my recent reads. Company of One by Paul Jarvis I recently finished this book. Written by fellow Canadian Paul Jarvis, Paul provides an interesting prospective and roadmap on questioning growth. It is not a book

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Cardlinx Association – Tokyo Edition

On June 11 I had the opportunity to attend Cardlinx Tokyo. For those of you not familiar with Cardlinx it is the association that focused on increasing interoperability, eliminates friction, and promotes the growth of the card-linked offers industry. This event focused on the intersection of AI and Digital Advertising with respect to Cardlinking. I

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