Yellow Pages Group is Canada’s Largest Canadian Internet Company! Is It True? Yes, Here’s Why [Part 1]

Full disclosure; I am the head of business development for Yellow Pages Group in Canada, check out my LinkedIn profile. What I will share with you below is public information that I felt was time to compile into one post. With the recent announcement of the SMB Targeted Campaign by YPG and with prominant bloggers

Which Yellow Pages Group Employee Would You Invite For Dinner?

I am going to have a little fun with this post by displaying some videos of my working colleagues (including myself). Check out the videos and answer this question: Which Yellow Pages Group Employee Would You Invite For for Dinner? Which YPG Employee Would You Invite For Dinner?polls Tracy Smith speaks about YPGs Search Marketing

A Deeper Look Into Canada’s SMB Video Portal by

If content truly is king then you need to have a lot of content to pull off a portal dedicated to videos for small and medium sized businesses in Canada. Yellow Pages Group, Canada’s leading directory provider, is one such company that can make this come true and have just launched its Canadian Business Video