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Which is the Funniest Yellow Pages Group Ad From the Past 4-Years?

So last week I was at the Kelsey Conference in San Diego during the brand relaunch for Yellow Pages Group. With our brand relaunch, we also launched a series of funny television commercials. One of the those commercials is emerging as the one that seem to have gotten the most traction in YouTube and even has it own fan page on Facebook. The video I am referring to is the Oily Man video, see below.

Since I started working with Yellow Pages Group in 2006 we have produced (not me specifically, but our communications teams) some pretty funny ads for our Yellow Pages business and our Auto Trader business.

Here are my favorite 3 ads; 1 from our current Yellow Pages Group campaign and 2 ads from previous Auto Trader campaigns. Which one do you think is the funniest ad?

Yellow Pages Group Oily Guy (2010)

Auto Trader Research (2008)

Auto Trader “Big Fatty” (2006)

Want to see more ads. Follow the links below:

Yellow Pages Group Ads on YouTube – 3 ads from 2010
Cliff Your Ride Promotion on Youtube – user generated from 2010
AutoTrader Ads on YouTube – 3 ads from 2008

Which Yellow Pages Group Employee Would You Invite For Dinner?

I am going to have a little fun with this post by displaying some videos of my working colleagues (including myself). Check out the videos and answer this question:

Which Yellow Pages Group Employee Would You Invite For for Dinner?

Tracy Smith speaks about YPGs Search Marketing Solutions Offer

Estee Langis talks about attending SES Toronto

Darby Sieben (myself) being interviewed by Greg Jarboe

Considering this is my blog, I figured I would give myself an extra plug. Here is my interview with Omar Sachedina talking about the Yellow Pages Answers Service. Video Channel Gets Home Page Exposure

Back in December I posted a preview of the new beta site featuring Canada’s largest collection of local business videos. See original post, “A Deeper Look Into Canada’s SMB Video Portal by

I am happy to report that a new home page was just launched and now features all the videos from the video channel. On the home page you will see videos targeted towards your latest searches which is great for discovery as well as finding. Here is a screenshot:

New Home Page with Local Video Channel

This is pretty cool for local businesses in Canada. Now videos for their businesses will appear on 2 high-traffic websites in Canada. The Video Channel and the YouTube Video Channel.

Local Business and YouTube – Canadian Success Stories

Over the past two years I have attended all the Kelsey Conferences, for those of you know familiar they conferences focus on the directional, vertical and local search markets in print and online. One common theme that has grown in popularity over the past 24-months is the emergence of video in the small to medium sized market.

I started to surf around YouTube to see if I could find local businesses in Canada taking advantage of this medium. One company, Oliver Jewellery in Toronto really jumped out as a local business who really gets this medium. Rate and review Oliver Jewellery in Toronto.

The first thing that impressed me was that one of his television commercials has been viewed over 42,000 times, has had 173 ratings, 277 text comments and been a favorite 415 times since January 1, 2008. To put this into perspective – I conducted a search for “toronto” in YouTube and this one video would have been within the top 400 videos which is pretty impressive considering this is a local business with one location on Eglington Avenue West competing with all types of videos under this particular search term.

Here is the Oliver Jewellery Commercial that I was referring to above:

The second thing that impressed me about this local business is the fact that his YouTube username channel has 11 videos uploaded including some self-promotion with WWF superstars and 76 subscribers.

This is a very good example of a local business taking their local television commercials and broadcasting them beyond the reach of the local television stations. All of this is good, but the key question is whether this is driving business. Regardless if it is or not this is a good example of cross-media mix for a local business.

The other big player in the local Canadian Small Business YouTube space is Yellow Pages Group with their branded YouTube Channel. Currently this channel has over 900 local videos with the top video from Yoga et Massage pour vous – Montréal with over 3000 video views since upload on September 20, 2008.


If you want your business listed in the YouTube Channel – check out the Showcase Bundle.

Interested in reading more about local video optimization – check out the following post at Praized Media “How to SEO Local Video Advertising“.