Monthly Archives: February 2005

BBB Seminar: Directory Advertising

Thursday morning I was at the Hospitality Inn doing my presentation on how to create impact with your directory advertising through the Better Business Bureau.

For those of you how could not attend, here is a recap of the presentation. If you would like to discuss in more detail any of the items listed below, call me at 403 228 1800 and I would be happy to discuss the details. Continue reading

Are You Letting Sales Slip Away?

I recently read an article by Kathleen Gage with the same title as this post. You can read the full post here. The guts are the article is simply that communication with your customers is critical to increasing repeat sales. The fact that many people have great experiences with a business, but cannot remember your company’s name to refer your services. Continue reading

Google Local Canada & Word of Mouth Advertising

Let’s roll back a few months to what Ian Portsmouth of PROFIT Magazine / November 2004 wrote:
“In the first decade of the Web Age, local marketers got off easy. Whether a Main Street business sold hardware or haircuts, having a website was never a make-or-break proposition. If someone wanted your product, they’d notice you as they walked or drove by. If you sold something more rarified, such as fireplace mantles or Swedish massages, then other forms of marketing would probably do. That’s all about to change. On Sept. 21, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google Inc. launched a beta version of Google Local Canada ( ” Continue reading

Local Online Ads to Hit $5 Billion by 2009

“Local media research firm The Kelsey Group predicts yellow pages-type advertising on the internet will increase to about $5 billion in the U.S. by 2009, with most of that coming in the form of paid search. The firm said the worldwide market will reach $10.9 billion, $5.1 billion of which will be spent in the U.S. $3.4 billion in the U.S. will come from paid search. Almost two-thirds of the spending will come from national brands, according to the group. More of the billings are expected to come from the internet and less from the mobile phone market, as The Kelsey Group downgraded its previous expectations of progress in the mobile market.” Continue reading