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Internet Advertising Spend to Overtake Outdoor, Radio

First, I want to apologize for not updating this site as frequently as I usually do. I have accepted a position with Yellow Pages Group, so I have been busy getting things in order. That being said, here is a summary of a recent article about the growth of Internet Advertising. This article is from, Marketing Vox.

ZenithOptimedia today (Monday) revised its outlook for global ad spending, forecasting that internet advertising spend will overtake outdoor in 2007 and pull alongside radio in 2008, reports MediaPost. “We have revised our internet forecasts upwards once again as it has continued to exceed expectations. We now predict it will attract 6.5% of all advertising in 2008, up from 4.5% in 2005 (and up from the 6.0% we predicted for 2008 back in December),” ZenithOptimedia said in a statement (.doc). Continue reading

Google Local Business Ads Launched

Late last week, Google announced that it has started to place business ads in their local search. We are now starting to see the convergence of the “world wide web” with truly local relevance. What’s important to note is that the majority of purposes are done with a 5km radius of a person’s home, so this is a very significant launch for Google in its desire to capture more local revenues (the next big growth area.).

Will this be coming to Canada – for sure. With powering Google Local Canada, there can be no doubt that these powerhouse companies will figure out a way to serve up local ads.

As reported by MarketingVox,

“As anticipated, Google has officially launched a map-based advertising feature that allows businesses to place photos and logos inside balloons that mark on Google Maps where the merchants are located, CNET reports. Barnes & Noble and Ralph Lauren have purchased keywords and have tested the new Local Business Ads system, according to Dominic Preuss, product manager for Google’s local advertising.

Certain searches on Google Local bring up icons – coffee mug, car, flower, etc. – representing the type of business; a click on the icon brings up a “balloon” containing more information – a logo, photo or link to the merchant’s site. Local Business Ads merchants bid on keywords and pay per click as with AdWords. The ads show up on the maps and Google’s main search results page as regular text ads.”