Monthly Archives: March 2019

How I Use Data to Make Decisions

I love data. What I love even more is using data to drive decisions. Over the years I have shared my enthusiasm for data with anyone who would listen. This has included employers, employees, project teams, friends, family, budding entrepreneurs and even strangers while sitting at a hotel bar.

Now, I can summarize those thoughts into three guiding principals.

Guiding Principal #1 — Daily Disciple

I have been using Quicken to track my personal finances since 1995. For people who know me, they would call my love affair with Quicken an obsession. I have, on average, spent about 10-mins a day entering data, reviewing data and making data driven decisions with my Quicken file. This adds up to the equivalent of 60-days on my personal financial plan in the past 24-years.

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