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How I Use Data to Make Decisions

I love data. What I love even more is using data to drive decisions. Over the years I have shared my enthusiasm for data with anyone who would listen. This has included employers, employees, project teams, friends, family, budding entrepreneurs and even strangers while sitting at a hotel bar.

Now, I can summarize those thoughts into three guiding principals.

Guiding Principal #1 — Daily Disciple

I have been using Quicken to track my personal finances since 1995. For people who know me, they would call my love affair with Quicken an obsession. I have, on average, spent about 10-mins a day entering data, reviewing data and making data driven decisions with my Quicken file. This adds up to the equivalent of 60-days on my personal financial plan in the past 24-years.

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The Eco-System of YellowPages.ca Business Data in Canada

Two questions:

How important is it for a local business to ensure that its basic listing data (name, phone number and address) is included in the YellowPages.ca database?

How important is it for a local business to ensure that its enhanced content (hours of operations, products, services, etc) are also included in the YellowPages.ca database?

Ultimately the above questions boil down to, “what’s in in for the SMB”. To help answer this, I have created the following eco-system slide that shows how/who the data from yellowpages.ca gets distributed across the consumer eco-system in Canada. NOTE: This is a representative sample of partnerships of companies that use portions or all of the yellowpages.ca database to offer a local connection to its audience.

For an SMB this boils down to two main reasons why this is important:

1) Time Saving – by having a central distribution of basic + enhanced listing data a SMB does not have to spend time to manage their data in multiple locations.

2) Consistency of Information – having the same information appear in a consistent manner across this eco-system allows a SMB to manage and control their message in a more manageable way.

If it is true that the users will continue to splinter into more consumer platforms it will become more and more critical for a centralized hub that can distribute that information.

In Canada, YellowPages.ca is a very important hub for the SMB market.

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