The 8 Most Unusual or Out of the Ordinary Local Business Questions on

The Answer Service has been running for over 1-month now and the numbers of local questions being asked and answered is increasing steadily. There are a lot of questions around plumbers, mechanics, electricians, restaurants, etc, however, I wanted to highlight some questions that don’t really fall into the traditional categories of what people are

Reverse Engineering The Local Media Mix – Who Gets the Credit For the Sale?

One of the most challenging aspects of local businesses is determining what media is driving the sale of a product or service. Some businesses claim the majority of their sales are driven by word-of-mouth, others by a directive medium such as Yellow Pages or Google Adwords and yet others believe creative mediums like Radio, TV

Canada’s Only Integrated Business and Person Finder for the Iphone Is a Hit

Well it has been a very busy week in the world of mobile applications for Yellow Pages Group. We were the first to launch a Canadian Business Directory Blackberry Application on April 1 and then we followed that up on April 2 with Canada’s first integrated business, people and reverse lookup for the iPhone. Read