PODCAST – Decoding the power of focussed messaging, landing pages, and product love in the AI era

It was such a pleasure and honour to be invited to speak with Jeff Adamson, Co-Founder of SkipTheDishes and Neo Financial, on the Neo Financial Behind The Brand podcast.

“Brand trust is gonna be critical and it’s always been critical, but in the age of AI, brand trust is gonna be critical.”
—  Darby Sieben

Behind the Brand presented by Neo Financial

In this episode, Jeff and I explore the following topics:

1️⃣ Discover how dedicated landing pages can supercharge your creative ad campaigns, improve ROI, and captivate your audience.

2️⃣ Gain expert tips on approaching web development, SEO, and finding the perfect timing to implement landing pages.

3️⃣ Uncover the secret to creating products that are both used and loved.

4️⃣ Explore how AI is transforming organizations in the areas of brand trust, data, and customer experience.

5️⃣ Unlock the keys to effective leadership in a remote work environment: be present, trust your team, focus on output, and set clear expectations.

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