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My Kelsey Presentation From September: Yellow API: A New ‘Open’ Model for Directory Content

I am a little late in posting this, however after I got back from Kelsey Conference in Denver, Colorado I ended up getting pretty sick that knocked me out for a few weeks. I am back on the mend.

Alot of people have been asking me for the a copy of the presentation. I have added the presentation to SlideShare, which you can flip through below. I also have an audio recording of the presentation and the Q&A with Matt Booth after the presentation about our API Strategy.

The event itself was probably one of the best Kelsey’s that I have attended. The quality of the speakers was quite good. Typically the DMS conference at Kelsey tends to be more focused on the Yellow Pages industry with a slant towards the print side of the business. This conference really had a very good blend of the traditional side of local along with a strong digital focus. The next Kelsey event in December, in San Francisco (Interactive Local Media West) will be even better as this is the key event for anybody in the local digital space to attend. I will be attending if you are interested in meeting.

The best presentation of the show was the SuperForum: The Social-Driven SMB: Part IV: Social Advertising Case Studies. This was a panel with Will Scott, President, Search Influence and Marty Weintraub, CEO, aimClear. The description of this panel is, “There is no shortage of platitudes about how SMBs are embracing social media. Here, we’ll share real case studies of how small-business advertisers have mastered the art of turning fans and friends into paying customers”. This panel was incredibly dynamic, Marty had an energy level that is contagious and the content of the presentation and the case studies they shared are absolutely incredible. If you really want to understand social marketing you need to check this out.

Now you can download the presentations of this event at the Kelsey Site. If you want to see all the presentations in video format you can purchase access for $199 at the VueTorial.

Darby SIeben and Matt Booth on Stage at Kelsey DMS 11 in Denver Colorado

Below are 2 presentation links. First is the audio portion of the presentation and underneath it is the slideshare slides.

In the audio portion it starts off with Matt Booth giving some details on the state of the market and the challenge for publishers. You can download his slides here.

At the 2 min mark of the audio is when my presentation starts that corresponds to the SlideShare presetnation below.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Listen to the Audio Version of YellowAPI Presentation at Kelsey DMS 2011 in Denver” dl=”0″]

Here is the SlideShare version of my presentation at Kelsey DMS11.

In Boston this week for BIA/Kelsey #ILMEast

I will be attending the Interactive Local Media East conference presented by BIA/Kelsey event this week in Boston. The week is shaping up to be pretty decent, some interesting panels as well as lots of meetings in the queue for new potential partnerships with Yellow Pages Group Canada.

I will be around all day Monday through to all day Wednesday. Many time slots already booked, however, I will be making rounds during the conference as well as breaks/reception. If we are not scheduled to meet already and you want to connect to intro your company, please feel free to email me at darby.sieben AT with a brief intro.

I Will Be Attending Kelsey Group’s: Directional Media Strategies 2009

This week I will be attending Kelsey Group’s 30th Yellow Pages Conference called Directional Media Strategies. This year’s conference is held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida. I will be staying at the Sheraton Safari Hotel and Suites. I have had the opportunity with Yellow Pages Group, representing, to have attended all the Kelsey Conferences since 2006. During that time I have formed some incredible relationships, both business and personal. I am looking forward to this particular conference for the following:

1) The mood in the Yellow Pages industry is changing and changing positively. Towards the end of 2006 and 2007 the mood at these conferences was more doom and gloom as opposed to positive. However, since the Interactive Local Media conference in 2008 (this year it is held in December in Los Angeles) and the conference earlier this year, the mood in the industry seems to have shifted. There is lots of innovation happening and the future of local search is very exciting as IYP’s look to evolve to the growing demands of consumers.

2) Some very exciting panels this year. My experience with the Directional Media Strategies conference is that of the three conferences held per year, this tends to be the one that is least exciting. However, this year is shaping up to be different and I am very much looking forward to this conference. Sessions I am looking forward to include; Global Yellow Pages: A Prescription for Future Success, The Yellow Pages App Store: Securing a Mobile Future for Yellow Pages, Vertical Case Studies: Lessons for Yellow Pages Publishers, Mobile Search & Yellow Pages: The Business Model, and Print Yellow Pages 2013: Critical Changes to the Core Product and Video — Evolving a Must-Have Offering to name a few.

As always my conference will be extremely busy with sessions, meeting with potential partners and entertaining. Best way to contact me during the conference is through my LinkedIn Profle or send me a comment on my blog.