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Be the 9% – My LinkedIn “Request to Connect” Experiment

I changed my approach in 2016 regarding how I manage requests to connect on LinkedIn. My previous way was simple; if I knew you I connected otherwise I declined. There was nothing wrong with this approach, but I was curious – why would a total stranger want to connect with me? For the past year, I have a bi-weekly routine where I review all my LinkedIn requests from the past couple of weeks. I accept the ones that I know, reject ones that look like spam and send the following message to people who look legit but I don’t know.

“” Hi XXX – thanks for reaching and wanting to connect. Not sure we have met each other or ours paths have crossed. What’s the motivation for the request? Darby “”

I have categorized the responses of this experiment in 4 groups:

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Pinterest – A Canadian Look @ The Web’s Hottest Social Site

This evening I was watching Calgary’s Global Newscast and they featured a story on Nothing says a popular social media website like being featured on a local news cast.

What is Pinterest? In a nutshell, it’s a digital pinboard for things that you love by “pinning” an image from a web page onto your own Pinterest board (check out my pinterest board). If you want a detailed overview check out the Mashable article; Meet Pinterest: A Private Social Pinboard That Collects Your Online Memories.

Pinterest is getting a lot of coverage because of its explosive growth and the fact that the site is attracting females between the 24 and 54 which is the key demographic that influences purchase decisions. According to Google Ad Planner (United States), 82% of Pinterest users are women with the majority of them (79%) that fall within this age demographic.

Does this hold in Canada?  Continue reading