Intelligent Chat Bots and a Look Back At Canada’s First

Chat Bots are back, good bots anyway and have started to gain some traction in the marketplace with more and more people speaking about the business implications. With Facebook’s announcement at F8 the spotlight has risen and over the course of the next year I am sure we will see lots of activity in this space. The full – Will You Share What You Buy?

Through (my profile) we decided to share who we were, where we went school, our personal photos and more. Using (my profile) we decided to share everything about our business life and business connections. Twitter (my profile) allows us to share our 140 character thoughts. With FourSquare (my profile) we now check-in everywhere

Can “OpenSocial” Bring Friendster Back into the Canadian Mainstream

Remember Friendster? One of those early social networking sites. Well as of this week, they have made a couple of key announcements that could help bring from the depths of the Canadian Internet space to – perhaps a competitor to facebook? Well – let’s not get carried away, but they have announced opening up