Can “OpenSocial” Bring Friendster Back into the Canadian Mainstream


Remember Friendster? One of those early social networking sites. Well as of this week, they have made a couple of key announcements that could help bring from the depths of the Canadian Internet space to – perhaps a competitor to facebook? Well – let’s not get carried away, but they have announced opening up a developer network as well as integrating with OpenSocial – both positive steps in the right direction, however, probably a little late – at least in the Canadian market. For the full story please read, Friendster developer platform goes live with over 180 apps.

From a local business perspective – your best bet is still as a vehicle to communicate with your customers and friends. With the launch of facebook’s business solutions – there is a very viable solution for local businesses to get involved in the social space.

However, what about friendster? You know, at one point, they had a great service but what they are doing now is reactive not proactive. They, like myspace, are in reactionary mode to facebook and this is a touch position for any business to be in.

Anyway, as a FYI – here is a 12-month media trend comparing, and in Canada – the graph speaks for itself as to what Canadians are using and where local businesses in Canada need to be.

Social Networking Graph in Canada