Optimizing your performance – Can SEO companies boost your small business web site’s search engine ranking?

This article featured a client of KS2 Solutions Inc., Sean Kennedy from Pixel Soup Design Group. Contained in this Globe and Mail article by Sasha Nagy is some great insights on search engine optimation and how Sean is using directories, like yellowpages.ca to his company’s advantage.

Online Real Estate Advertising to Pass Newspapers by 2009

There is some significant research released today about trends with respect to Real Estate advertising and newspapers. According to Borrell Associates’ 2005 Update, Online Real Estate Advertising to Pass Newspapers by 2009. Is this troublesome for our friends in the print world, absolutely. The Internet has evolved into the most powerful consumer research tool in

7 Key Steps to Unshakable Confidence

Do you remember that day? Perhaps it was your first job interview. Perhaps you were speaking to a group for the first time. Maybe you were starting a challenging new career or meeting a special person for the first time. Your throat became dry and your knees wanted to shake. You were about to leave