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Optimizing your performance – Can SEO companies boost your small business web site’s search engine ranking?

This article featured a client of KS2 Solutions Inc., Sean Kennedy from Pixel Soup Design Group. Contained in this Globe and Mail article by Sasha Nagy is some great insights on search engine optimation and how Sean is using directories, like to his company’s advantage. Continue reading

New Report Finds Measurable Differences between Internet Yellow Pages and Local Search Engines

Today, I am stepping back to an article published in April of this year. This is from the Yellow Pages Association regarding some research comparing the value of search engines and Yellow Pages directories.

As published by the Yellow Pages Association, “comScore Networks and the Yellow Pages Association(TM) (YPA(TM)) today announced the results of a joint research initiative designed to compare consumer local search behavior on Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and major search engines. The findings are based on consumer Internet behavior observed in comScore’s panel, which consists of 1.5 million U.S. consumers. Continue reading

comScore: Google, Yahoo Tops in U.S. Search in July 2005

Google was the U.S. market-share leader in search for July, with 36.5 percent of all searches, and Yahoo finished a strong second with 30.5 percent, according to research results issued Friday by ComScore Media Metrix, reports CNET .

Yahoo was a strong second for the month; its share of the market was 30.5 percent. Yahoo’s search toolbar remained in the lead, accounting for 51 percent of all toolbar searches. Some 11 percent of all U.S. searches began via toolbars, up from 8 percent in July 2004, ComScore reported. Continue reading

Online Real Estate Advertising to Pass Newspapers by 2009

There is some significant research released today about trends with respect to Real Estate advertising and newspapers. According to Borrell Associates’ 2005 Update, Online Real Estate Advertising to Pass Newspapers by 2009. Is this troublesome for our friends in the print world, absolutely.

The Internet has evolved into the most powerful consumer research tool in the entire process of soaring real estate sales. At any given time, the report says about one percent of the adult population is actively seeking a home that they will purchase within the year. In April, nearly 20 percent of the population had visited a real estate site. Continue reading

Bubble Burst Onliners’ Status; Second Boom Hasn’t (Yet) Brought It Back

This story was written by Jennifer Nastu, co-editor of

In the early days – back when people were saying, “Have you heard of the Internet?” – marketers looked askance at careers in interactive marketing. It was risky and low status. It would take the half-decade from 1993 to 1998 for it to become the hot market that college students everywhere sought to join. In the couple years of the first internet boom, ad agencies paid premiums of 20 percent to hire interactive media buyers, promoted inexperienced account and creative staff and in many cases caused a cultural rift between the new media and the old media experts. Continue reading

7 Key Steps to Unshakable Confidence

Do you remember that day? Perhaps it was your first job interview. Perhaps you were speaking to a group for the first time. Maybe you were starting a challenging new career or meeting a special person for the first time. Your throat became dry and your knees wanted to shake.

You were about to leave a place of mental and emotional safety. You were putting your skills on the line and taking a risk. If you were successful, there could be great reward. However, self-doubt was trying to discourage you. Continue reading