Add Save and Share Functionality To Your Website – For Free – Thanks to

Just launched this weekend on is the ability for merchants in Canada to add Save and Share Functionality to their website. The company providing the service is Agendize. For information on the specific service from Agendize – visit their widget product page. You can also read a full article from a strategic perspective on this initiative on the Kelsey Blog titled “Agendize Brings Contact Widgets to Local Listings“.

So how does it work and what does it look like?

First thing a business owner should do is go to and do a search for their business listing. Once again – I am using my mom’s business, The Bra Lady as an example. Once you are on your business listing click on the ? beside the Add These Tools To your Website.

Save and Share Widget from

When you click on the ? mark – this will launch a new window with some Javascript code that you can copy.

Save and Share Widget Javascript Code

Take the Javascript code and add it to your website. In the case of – we decided to add this code into the header of the website so that it is available on every page.

The Bra Lady in Calgary

Finally – when a user selects this new button on your website – it launched a window that gives a user a multitude of ways in which they can share your business information.

Save and Share Widget in Action on

And that’s it. Now your business contact information can be shared via email, address book, desktop, social media, print and instant messenger.

Pretty cool eh.