Just in time for the release of the iPhone in Canada – YellowPages.ca iPhone / iPod App Gets a Staff Pick Nod

With the July 11th release of the iPhone through the Roger’s Network, which includes Fido, Canada is starting to get iPhone fever.

Some interesting posts on the Canadian launch of the iPhone that I have found interesting in the last week:

Today in the Globe and Mail, Rogers to unveil new data plan with iPhone, The head of Canada’s largest cellphone company says Apple Inc.’s iPhone will be a cornerstone of the new high-speed wireless world and as such will unveil a new price model for data services to drive adoption. The big question, still unanswered, is what the data plans will look like.

On Praized Media Blog, This Isn’t About The New iPhone, It seems like everyone is excited about the new iPhone that was introduced by Apple on Monday (many people are actually calling it the Jesusphone) but I think everyone’s missing the big picture. This is a good post that looks at the real impact of smart devices that goes beyond that of just the iPhone.

Of course the one aspect of the iPhone that is very interesting is the number of applications that you can access. You can check out all the applications that received “Staff Picks” by Apple. NOTE: these include all applications, not just Canadian focused.

I suspect over the course of the next 30-days you will see a number of Canadian based web applications come online that are designed for the iPhone.

I am happy to say that the application my labs team developed has been selected by the Apple team as a Staff Pick.

From the Apple Webapp page:

Now available on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch’s Safari Mobile Browser. Find a local business in Canada, get a map using the build-in Maps application and make the phone call directly from your iPhone.

YellowPages.ca Web App for iPhone