Google Chrome Users Show 254% Increase in Adsense Revenues

The following data points relate only to my personal blog, Darby Sieben, but I find it interesting that Google Chrome is increasing in terms of usage but more fascinating is the growth related to Google Adsense Revenues from Chrome users. This comparison is from Q2 to Q3 of 2009.

Here are the stats from Q2 to Q3:

Google Adsense Revenue by Browser

Some observations:

Internet Explorer continues to loseWeight Exercise market share. Firefox also lost market share while Safari and Chrome have increased. From a revenue perspective, IE users are over producing in revenue compared to usage, while we see a massive drop from Firefox users and a drop from Safari users. Chrome users are over producing in revenue relative to market share.

So what does this mean?

Perhaps FF users are getting more savvy in ad blocking. If so, should websites tailor their sites specifically to Firefox users who use ad blocking? Based on this small subset of data, are Chrome users more engaged with Adwords and is this the main driver behind Google investing in the browser wars? If you are a website owner, should you encourage people to stay with IE – they seem to be the ones generating the revenues?

Of course this sample size is way to small to make any broad conclusions, but I found them interesting and wanted to share. Also, if you monetize your site using Google Adsense, what do your stats tell you? Are you seeing a similar trend or something completely different?