Google Maps Advertising: Early Results Very Positive

Back on July 5, I posted Google Maps Advertising: How to do it and does it work and I wanted to share some early results.

Using as the destination site and running both a regular adwords campaign as well as a local business ad campaign combined with conversion tracking when a user lands on the Maps page I have been surprised at the early results of this campaign.

So what have I discovered?

CTR (click thru rate): the CTR for the map advertising is outperforming that of the regular search ad by well over 50%.

Conversion Rate: This is the biggest surprise, the conversion rate on the clicks from the maps advertising is twice (that’s correct – 2 times) that of clicks coming from the search network.

Going into this campaign, I had no expectations, I did suspect however that maps may not be as successful. I am surprised by the results. What this suggests to me is that users are starting to learn the behavior of finding local businesses on maps and if the results continue, could potentially be a powerful tool in local advertising.

I will keep you posted on developments.