Toronto Taxi Fare Finder – Google Maps Mashup

Here is a great example of another mapping service (developed with Google Maps) that combined mapping with a function that most travellers always ask themselves – how much are cab rides going to cost me? The site is Toronto Taxi Finder and is part of a network that includes Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

There is even a full mobile version that you can use on your cell phone – check out the Toronto Mobile Taxi Fare Finder.

So I wanted to determine how accurate the figures where. A common trip that I take is from my office at Yellow Pages Group which is 325 Milner Avenue, Toronto, Ontario to Pearson Airport. The rate from Toronto Taxi Finder was $77.87 and I normally pay $60. Not exactly sure how the rates are calculated, but they appear to be on the high side in Toronto. However, this is a great tool for business or personal travelling for budgetting and planning purposes. Even if you live in Toronto and don’t take a taxi often, this can really help you guage your costs. Looking for a taxi in toronto – check out

Toronto Taxi Finder