Yes, I Still Exist

I remember telling clients that if you plan to start and develop a blog, one things you need to maintain is consistency with your posting. Now for all of you who have been emailing me asking what happened, I am still alive and kicking
and plan to get this blog going again in high-speed.

First, I know the irony of telling clients to maintain their blogs, when I have not done the same for nearly 6-weeks. The reason, and which I believe will ultimately lead to a better blog, is that I have taken a position with Yellow Pages Group as their Senior Manager for Traffic and Distribution for their eDirectories. That has involved me moving to Toronto from Calgary and setting up show in TO. I am recently settled in my 2nd fully furnished suite and have a dedicated high-speed Internet connection that allows me to continue with educating small businesses how to use the Internet effectively.

So, thanks to everybody for their emails and their encouragement to keep this going and I look forward to posting more relevant local business marketing ideas, strategies and trends.