People Are Good Story, My Experience Last Night

Last night landed in Toronto. Went to the car rental place and grabbed a Buick. Realized I did not want the Buick, so switched to a Ford. Left airport for a dinner meeting at The Keg. Get to the restaurant, realize my wallet is not with me. Then it hits me, I left it on the passenger seat in the Buick.

Now I am f%&ked – id, credit cards, etc. gone. If I can’t get back, how do I check into the hotel. How do I get back on a flight to Calgary. Lots of questions, all my answers in my wallet.

Go back to the Airport Car Rental, hoping the car is still there. It is not. It was rented. National Rent a Car calls the customer – turns out he is staying at a hotel close to the Airport and has my wallet. He was a Canada Post employee. He is going to drive it back to the Airport Car Rental place and return to me.

Wallet comes back. Tried to give the guy money for his trouble, he refuses (tells me to donate the money to charity). We chuckle about the fact that we are both Super Elite, Starwood Platinum, AMEX cardholders, National Elite, etc. Apparently we are very similar. National Rent-A-Car pays one night of his car rental for helping me out. That is pretty cool.

Morale of the story – when you pick a car, stick with it.

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