My Blog is Fully iPhone Compatible – Thanks to WPtouch: Mobile Plugin

Today I am officially announcing that my blog is iPhone compatible. I really could not take my credit for this, rather I need to give the credit to Brave New Code for developing the WPtouch Mobile Plugin. Here is what they say about their plugin – “More than just a plugin, WPtouch is an entire theme package for your WordPress website. Modeled after Apple’s app store design specs, WPtouch makes your WordPress website load lightning fast on touch mobile devices, show your content beautifully, all while not interfering with your regular theme.Read More.

Okay, so how is this. First, you download the plugin, then you install it through your wordpress control panel and fully your customize it by adding analytic code and even Google Adsense code to get mobile advertising. That is pretty much it and you are up and running. If a user types if your blog on their iPhone, they will see a nicely formatted blog.

Here is an example of what the home page of my blog looks like on the iPhone,

Darby Sieben Home Page iPhone

If you want to see an snippet of the posting, you can click on the down arrow key beside the title to see a preview of the entire article:

Darby Sieben iPhone Article Expanded

The plugin very nicely displays images from within your blog posts:

Darby Sieben iPhone Images in Blog Post

Finally, you can read all the comments as well as post new comments directly from your iPhone:

Darby Sieben iPhone Blog Comments

Overall this is one of the best plugins and an absolute must for anybody who has a blog and wants to ensure it is compatible with the iPhone or the iPod touch.

Quick update regarding the Application in iTunes, as of this afternoon, we are now the #4 most downloaded application in iTunes Canada. See my original post introducing Canada’s Only Integrated Business and People Search for the iPhone. Check out the screenshot below: iPhone Application - #4 Top Download in Canada