Can Alberta Tech Transform Global Energy

Repost from my LinkedIn Profile.

Listened to the latest RBC disruptors podcast on “Can Alberta Tech Transform Global Energy“. So many great insights here from Alice Reimer and Marty Reed.

As an Albertan myself I am so excited about this podcast as well as the many conversations I have been having as of late about bold thinking. Alberta will rise again no doubt.

Here is some points that really excited me.

#1 – 1 Trillion dollar Energy as a Service company as a goal. Love it.

#2 – Bold Leadership meanings thinking big and looking in the front window, not the rear-view mirror. Outside of energy, we need more multi-billion dollar companies being grown. Some have already started.

#3 – Education – let’s invest in universities

#4 – Outside Talent – if the old guard can’t change the game, maybe it’s time to bring it outside talent. A new perspective can be game changing.