Radio and Internet: A Local Company Doing It Right

I often get asked the question, can radio and the Internet work together?

The answer is a resounding yes. Radio and the Internet compliment each other as much as TV and the Internet do it terms of cross media power.

I want to talk about a Calgary company that I believe is doing a stellar job with their current radio campaign on QR77. The company is Greg Martineau Projects.

Before I tell you the reason why let me make one thing clear, Greg Martineau is not a client of mine, so this is not some shameless plug on a good client. In fact I have never met Greg or anybody that works for the company.

Why do I like his radio ads so much. Branding. What is Greg Martineau’s phone number, it is 310-GREG and what is their URL, What is better than hearing a radio announcer, for more information call 310 Greg or visit them online at Alternately, what if you head, call 310 Greg or visit them online at – your brain has to try and remember both instead of remembering only one.

When combining Internet and radio, either provide your phone or your web address, but not both, it is simply too much for a person to remember. In my opinion, the only way to successful combine both in your radio ad is to employ the tactic above.