2 Killer Strategies for Local Online Marketing

In this posting I want to discuss 2 killer strategies that can increase local conversion of sales as well as increase customer satisfaction. The strategies focus on the 2 most basic principals of marketing – tell people how to contact you and tell them how to get to you.

1) Use Google to tell people how to contact you

We have all seen Google Adwords, you know the ads located on the right hand side of the screen. A typical Google Ad would look something like:

Too Many Hosting Choices?
We’ve looked at over 100 web hosts
to find the best for your site!

Bankruptcy Dallas
We can help you find anything you
need for Bankruptcy Dallas

These are okay, however, from a local perspective, I much prefer to structure ads for clients in the following way:

Mayfair Diagnostics
MRI & CT scans. Same day
appointments. Call (403) 777 4674

Or marketing outside of Calgary,

Mayfair Diagnostics
MRI & CT scans in Calgary. Book
in 24-48 hours. Call (866) 777 7570

Another example,

Geek Patrol – Calgary
Computer network & repair service.
Fix bugs & glitches. (403) 283 3316

The primary difference in the ads is the phone number. If you are marketing locally or even if you are marketing outside of your local market and you have a toll-free number, I strongly suggest you include your phone number in your ad.

The reason I suggest this strategy is simple. If a person types in “private mri clinic Calgary” or “computer repair Calgary” in Google, I know they are clearly in the market for my products and services. This strategy allows somebody to do this search, immediately pick up the phone and call, without the hassle of visiting the web site and trying to find the phone number.

Remember, when people do searches on Google there are two things that could be happening. One, they are in research mode, meaning they will click on your ad, view your web site and learn more about your business or two, they are ready to buy and need to talk to somebody immediately.

What these types of ads demonstrate to users is that your business is available. At the end of the day, most products and services that we will eventually end up buying will be a result of people. Even though the Internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate, the human element, for most purchases, will always determine whether you make the sale or not.

Don’t be shy, be proud of your phone number and advertise it, even in Google.

2) Make driving directions easy for your customers

Up until yesterday, I strongly suggested to businesses that they include driving directions on their web site or at the very least learn Map Quest.

My suggestion to receptionists or sales people is while you are speaking to your prospect, jump on Map Quest, put in your address and ask the customer for their address. Then you can actually give them a nice concise description of how to get to your location. Not only will you impress your customer, they will think you really know the city, it also saves a whole boat load of time instead of the “well where exactly is your address” conversation.

Today, however, there is an even easier way to provide the driving direction service to your customers with the launch of WebNumber. This service is provided by Yellow Pages Group through YellowPages.ca and works by typing a 7-digit phone number along with yp.ca or yellowpages.ca at the end.

This service can be used by your customers or can be used by sales people and receptionists.

All you need to know is your phone number.

Here are some examples:

If you were planning to visit the following businesses, simply type in the following in your browser, your address and voila you have driving directions.

Gord Fowler, Remax Real Estate


Optimum Dentistry in Marda Loop


Commerx Internet Providers


Andrew Fox, Investors Group



2 specific local marketing strategies covered in this posting are:

First, if you plan an Google Adwords campaign, include your phone number. If your prospect is ready to buy, make it easy for them to call you.

Second, if you need to give your customers driving directions, use the WebNumber service, put in their address and give them driving directions. Just like a cabbie you become an expert in navigating the city without having to rack up the kms.