Power of Reprints

When your business does television, radio, newspaper or magazine advertising are you getting all the value from it? When your campaign is done, do you just forget about it and start planning the next one? Does your business have a process where by you extend your intial advertising in the form of reprints?

Reprints of advertising can be a valuable tool for any business owner. If it is television advertising are you placing your TV ads on your website? You can do the same with radio? What about your newspaper ads or magazine advertising? Are you placing them on your web site.

As KS2 Solutions Inc. goes, we have not done television or daily newspaper advertising, however, because of our exposure at small business week, we were fortnate enough to have both a video and write-up in the Calgary Herald. Have we reprinted them, you bet.

Here is our TV spot, created by A-Channel Television. Here is are 1/2 page article written by Jacqueline Louie for the Calgary Herald. In December 2004, our A-Channel TV spot was viewed 115 times and our Calgary Herald article was viewed 100 times. In January 2005 our A-Channel TV spot has been viewed over 120 times and our Herald advertising close to 100 more times.

Take these numbers and start to average them out over the course of 12-months. How many more people are going to be exposed to these messages in 2005. This is the power of reprints, taking your message and duplicating it over and over again. Just because our Herald spot ran in October 2004, does not mean the information is old or out-dated, on the contary, the person reading it in January 2005 for the first-time is experiencing the same thing as the person reading it in October.

Think about all the coverage your business has received. Are you using this coverage as part of your reprint strategy? Are you taking advantage of the technology to make sure that your TV, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising is extending beyond its original audience to reach new prospects, everyday?