Power of Front Page Placement

How important is it for your business to have home page placement on a top rated web site on the Internet? If your plan is to achieve higher Google placement, then it is worth gold.

Let me explain in more detail. Every month, we place 6 of our clients on the home page of CalgaryPlus.ca under featured advertisers as well as a number of clients who run contests on our network. The link goes to their CalgaryPlus.ca profile URL which ties into their corporate web site. Here are some of the results we have generated for our clients in Google:

Silk Works – keyword, “silk duvets” currently #4, “calgary silk duvets” currently #1

Unisource Mortgage – “mortgage calgary”, currently #8

Maximum Potential Physiotherapy – “calgary physiotherapy”, currently #1

LivingScape Home & Renovations – “calgary renovations”, currently #2, “renovations calgary”, currently #4

These results were generated within 1-week of placement on the home page of CalgaryPlus.ca. Why does home page placement on major media web sites work so well? Here are a couple of reasons:

1. Link Relevance

All the experts say that link relevance is one key to search engine placement. Consider this,

CalgaryPlus.ca is ranked, according to Google a relevance of 7 out of 10.

CalgaryPlus.ca is directly linked from CanadaPlus.ca, our national city site which is ranked 7 out of 10.

CanadaPlus.ca is directly linked from MSN.ca, one of Canada’s largest web portal, which is ranked 7 out of 10.

What happens is Google checks the links and realizes that these Calgary clients are linked from major web portals and web sites that it already identifies as relevant, hence it increases the ranking of our clients URLs.

2. Cannot be Manipulated

Any major media site, including the CalgaryPlus.ca and CanadaPlus.ca network or Canada.com, CBC.ca, etc. cannot be manipulated. Meaning, they are content driven and not link or search engine optimized driven. In terms of Google, that means they are indexed more frequently, tend to be protected from Google algorithm changes and are human driven.

This is important for the major search engines likes Google in order to help bring relevant search results to their users. Search engines like Google rely on media sites to help in determine who to place in the 10 search results.

What’s the Point?

Before spending money with any search engine optimization company on local Calgary search engine placement, ask yourself why you are doing this? If it is to get better results from Google, research the media sites to find out what it costs for home page placement and the results your business will see from the search engines will be faster and in the majority of cases you will see more traffice from the search engines as well as the media site directly.