Tags – Can Small Businesses Use Them

Tags – say what? Most likely the first thought you had.

I started playing around with Swicki, but the way is a brand owned by Eurekster that basically is “tag” based community search. Not sure what I mean by this, look at the top of my blog page – you will see my community powered swicki.

Essentially what this does is track all the searches done everyday by users and presents the information in such a manner that is based on tags or searches and presents the information in a random type fashion. Why do this? For starters, it prompts users about different search terms. Let me give you an example:

Search is a powerful tool, if and when you know what you are looking for. By let’s face it, not counting the super technies, searching can be a daunting task if you can’t quite hit the right combination of words. What tags do – or a site Swicki – is present to the user with what other people have already searched for and what is most common.

This can be a great tool for business owners to present to their Internet users, as sometimes it is very difficult to conduct a search of a merchants web page. Let’s face it, if your business follows the 80/20 rule, then running a swicki on your site, specifically for search results, could save your users a lot of time in trying to figure out the right combination of keywords to use to the find the product. Chances are somebody has already searched for your content, so make it easy for the next user to search the same subject by clicking on the tag or text link instead of having to re-enter the search term.