Pay for Video Ads – Branding For Small Businesses is Finally Possible

Imagine you are a small florist, operating in downtown Calgary or Toronto. Until the advert of the Internet, TV advertising or “video” advertising was only for the big brands – however, once again the Internet is changing the rules.

Back in May of this year, Google announced in Click to Play Video Ads. Basically, you target your advertising – similar to that Google’s text ads and pay when somebody views your video. The ad agency types will argue that this is not branding, in the traditional sense, but then again, the Internet is changing many of the traditional ways business has been done.

What I like about Video ads is that if you truly want to distinguish your business from your competition – get a good video done for your business. If you are not sure where to start, visit my post on Spot Runner and have your TV ad built for you online.

SEO G did a great job of explaing the benefits of these types of ads in a recent post, Google Pay Per Video Ads (PPC Video) — Beginning of Larger Media Play? in summary they are:

1. Images Can Be Unobtrusive
2. Text Ad Blindness
3. A Picture is Worth 1000 Words (And A Video Is Worth A Million)
4. Geo-Targeting for Branding

So let’s recap the process here – a) Google launches Pay Per Video Ads (PPC Video) back in May, b) Google purchases in October and c) You kick your competitors in the teeth.

Think about it – you are a florist in downtown Calgary. You have a video ad – no chance would you waste your money promoting on your local television station, instead you take your video, purchase PPC Video ads on Google – and deliver your message to only people with a Calgary IP address on websites that talk about flowers, weddings, valentines, etc. This ad will eventually show up on where a potential customer is watching a wedding video, happens to be in Calgary and sees the opportunity to watch your video. If they are not in the market for flowers – no cost to you, if they are in the market, you pay to show your video, they pay to purchase flowers from you.

Sounds like another way that the small business owner can increase sales.