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Cardlinx Association – Tokyo Edition

On June 11 I had the opportunity to attend Cardlinx Tokyo. For those of you not familiar with Cardlinx it is the association that focused on increasing interoperability, eliminates friction, and promotes the growth of the card-linked offers industry. This event focused on the intersection of AI and Digital Advertising with respect to Cardlinking. I

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Does Cashback Work?

This is a use-case of one (my personal data). I can tell you that based on the research I have read as well as the aggregate data I have seen testing Ampli the past couple of months that cash can impact behavior. For local Cashback in downtown Toronto that specifically impacted the graph below, check

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Collision 2019 – Toronto Inaugural Event – Comments and Pics

This past week I had the opportunity to check out the Inaugural Event of Collision in 2019. It’s always a risk when you first start a conference in a location, even for one that had as much excitement and anticipation as Collision. To say that this event delivered would be an understatement, they knocked it

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