Hierarchy of Social Media Influence

Here is the hierarchy of social influence according to the new report from Harris Data.

Interesting to see professional sources so highly rated.

1) Friends and Family

2) Reviews from newspapers and magazines

3) One’s broader social network

4) Other blogs and forums

5) Celebrity review ( most influential on 18-34 years old )

Read the full post on Greg Sterling’s blog

PS – I on the runway in Toronto leaving to New York for the CM Summit and using WordPress for the iPad to post this, works not too bad except for the fact that it won’t let me paste in the post.

If you use word press for the iPad and have a solution to the paste option in a post let me know.

Follow-Up – never did get the links working in the WordPress App. Had to switch to safari to add the reference links. This was a little frustrating as well as editing was more difficult than I thought in the editor window.

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