Gail The Goose – Ampli’s First Television Campaign Creative

Today was an incredible day. We launched our first television campaign of Ampli, Canada’s Newest CashBack app. Originally slated for April on national TV it was delayed because of Covid-19. We have decided in June to start with a digital first campaign and may consider broadcast TV at a later date.

The experience of creating a TV campaign is quite the journey in itself. Having been involved in TV campaigns in the past the experience is always unique and interesting as you are dealing with creative agencies, talent, etc. This project was by far the most fun as it introduced a fully automated character, called Gail.

The process of building a fully animated character is really interesting. From the concepts, to the sketches as they go, to the dimensions, clothing, etc. is really fascinating. Working with Arrivals and Departures (the creative team behind this campaign as well as other great campaign’s like Skip the Dishes Jon Hamm campaign) and Big Giant (the animation studio behind Gail) was a truly enjoyable experience.

Of course the Ampli and RBC Ventures team where nothing short of incredible. The long hours, the battles over the smallest details, the laughter and the frustration all created an amazing experience. A call-out to the following; Laura Vizena, MBA Charlotte Chan Dawn Bednarski Sean Mathews Hector Crespo Michael McCue Angela Milana Gabriel Woo Masha Fuks.

Brunching (30-second)

Big Screen TV (15 -Seconds)

Touch of Gold (6-Seconds)

Hands Free Delivery (6-Seconds)

Behind the Screens Photos