Ampli Cashback Partnerships

The last 60-days has been incredible with the number of partners who are participating in Ampli.

We launched an initiative to help businesses re-open by deploying what would be our Facebook budget to directly help our partners.

The way it works.

  • Partners would provide an offer exclusive to their base.
  • The user would earn cash back (usually very rich in terms of percentage).
  • In doing this, our partners win (they get revenue), the users win (they get a great #cashback experience) and Ampli wins as it allows us to reach new audience and not have to give money to Facebook.

This last phase has been focused on National and now we are moving into the phase of supporting local. More to come on the local front.

In the meantime, here is a list of great offers we have run in the past 45-days.

CheckOut 51


GasBuddy and Petro-Canada


The Source

StingRay Music

Roots Canada


Hudson’s bay