Canadian Trademark Registry – Good Reference Site for Canadian Entrepreneurs

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a link to the Canadian Trademark Registry and strongly suggest to any small business to reference this site if you are planning to launch a new business, product, idea, etc. and ensure that there is no Trademark already registered. This site is managed by the government of Canada and can save a lot of potential headaches for any entrepreneur to ensure they don’t land themselves in trouble. One more thing I like about this site – you don’t have to pay a company $20-$50 or more to find out whether some is trademarked – you can do it for free.

Anyway, here are a few screenshots of the service:

First I started by conducting a search for one of my favorite topics of late – Facebook – to see what trademarks are registered.

Searching For Facebook in the Canadian Registry

I was presented with a list of matches.

Showing the list of trademarks registered for Facebook

I selected to see the information for the Facebook Homepage Rectangle Design

Details about the Facebook Registration of their Home Page Image

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