Real Estate and Local Search – A Good Combo – Some Canadian Examples

My last post taked about Weather and Local Search and how we completed an integration with The Weather Network and Yellow Pages Group. If you are interested in integrating local search powered by in your Canadian property; at the bottom of this post I have connection points – I would be happy to discuss options with you.

For this post I wanted to focus on a couple of integrations on Real Estate websites and Local Search. Both of these categories are completely complimentary and when you combine local search to a real estate offering you provide a more complete user experience.

Integration Example #1 –

About Home Trader (from their website) – – Canada’s Real Estate Search Engine – It’s a one-stop destination with listings and information on homes for sales, apartments for rent, house rentals, condos for sale across Canada.

Here is a quick walking tour of their site:

Home Page (from the home page, it will default you to your IP location, or you can simply enter your location – here is an example of Toronto) Home Page With Toronto Map

From the home page I selected downtown Toronto and as you can see it will plot all the locations that are available:

Downtown Toronto Rentals Available on

When you click on a particular location it will provide you with pop-up summary of the location and give you the option to find more details on the property. I decided to click on a rental property on Nelson Street.

Downtown Toronto Rental Property

Once you click on the property that you are interesting in finding more details, you have the option of plotting around you some popular local categories (powered by I clicked on a bank icon to see what banks are around this particular location:

Local Search by integrated on

The following popular categories you can find around any location on – Grocers, Shopping Centres, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Clinics, Childcare and Banks.

These are all extremely popular urban market categories that anybody is looking for when moving to a new location in a city. Since each category is toggle on/off makes it very easy for any user to find exactly what is important to them.

Integration Example #2 – and

About ByTheOwner – from their website – Our mission is to give consumers a complete real estate service through the Internet so they can sell, buy or rent a property privately, without an agent and with no commission. Together, ByTheOwner and its French counterpart DuProprio constitute the largest and most visited For Sale By Owner network in Canada.

Home Page – starting with the home page you are presented with a number of hot properties that are available as well as a number of search functions.

ByTheOwner Home Page with For Sale By Owner Properties

If you select a property – you end up going to the properties detail page. On the detail page you are presented with all the details on the property.

ByTheOwner Details of a Property

Notice at the bottom of the property you are presented with a local search area (powered by that gives a potential new home owner with access to popular search categories and the ability to conduct a local search. Search Area on

One very nice feature with this implementation is that all the one-click categories are pre-populated based on the location of the address in which you are looking at. The user does not have to think about whether the search is locally relevant or not, all searches are automatically targeted to the properties location – very cool.

From the example above on, which is more targeted towards condos, apartments and rentals on ByTheOwner, the categories are move geared towards home owners. Categories such as; Insurance, Banks, Loans, Mortgages, Inspections, Appraisers, Movers, Storage, Lawyers, Building Contractors

This integration is also part of, the french language counterpart to the Search on

So what do you think about the following integrations – is this something that is useful for end users? If you are interested in integrating Canadian local search, powered by, in your properties, please feel free to contact me via my profile or my Twitter account and I will provide you with my work email address and one of my business development team will connect with you regarding integration options.

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