Cardlinx Association – Tokyo Edition

On June 11 I had the opportunity to attend Cardlinx Tokyo. For those of you not familiar with Cardlinx it is the association that focused on increasing interoperability, eliminates friction, and promotes the growth of the card-linked offers industry.

This event focused on the intersection of AI and Digital Advertising with respect to Cardlinking. I am a big supporter of what Cardlinking can bring to the transparency of digital advertising to help close the loop for businesses looking to capture new customers.

As always, c and team put on an amazing. event with a solid set of speakers including Terry McMullen (OpenSparkz), Trisha Asgeirsson (MasterCard), Lu Dong (Foodie Japan), and Taro Miyazaki (Rakuten).

Here are some pictorial highlights from this event.

Silvio Tavares, CEO of Cardlinx Assocation
Card-linking is Growing
Tech become payment companies, Merchants become ad-tech companies, Tech become merchants and Banks/Payment companies become Ad-Tech companies.
3 Implications for all Companies
Terry McMullen (OpenSparkz)
Trisha Asgeirsson (MasterCard)
Lu Dong of Foodie Japan
Stats on. the Rakuten Card