Newspapers Not Dead Yet – Will Canadian Papers Follow Their US Counterparts?

Today on the Google Blog – they have announced the release of Google Print which is intergated into your Adwords accounts. From their blog: “Even with the growth of online news sites, Americans still read newspapers. Over the course of a typical week, nearly 3 out of 4 adults (115 million) in the top 50

Toronto Taxi Fare Finder – Google Maps Mashup

Here is a great example of another mapping service (developed with Google Maps) that combined mapping with a function that most travellers always ask themselves – how much are cab rides going to cost me? The site is Toronto Taxi Finder and is part of a network that includes Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los

Facebook – Can Local Business Florish in Social Networking?

Recently launched is Social Flowers – sending flowers though social networks. Well, one social network for now – Facebook. This is the start of a trend as we will see in the next 12-months many of the leading online retailers – building applications specifically to sell products through Social Networking – at lease that is