Coming to Calgary (my home town) – Deal of the Day by

I had a great chat with Cara Sealock, the deal buyer manager in Calgary. She was telling me about how exciting it was to speak to local SMBs regarding the deal of the day concept and the reception so far within the Calgary market. If you have not already, sign up to receive offers at

Deal of the Day in Calgary

Of course, Groupon and LivingSocial are currently the two most popular sites operating in Calgary, with a host of other guys, however, is looking to establish itself as it has in Toronto and Montreal. Since Groupon’s launch in Calgary on August 8, they have saved Calgarians over $1.3M and LivingSocial’s since September 16, they have saved Calgarians over $4.6M off retail price – that’s a lot of savings.

For business owners, check out this video that pretty much explains the benefits of participating in deal of the day. If you are interested in participating in Calgary, contact Cara Sealock at 403 204 5746.