Revisited and Revived – It’s a Revolution That Was Bound to Happen

Okay – maybe a little over dramatic, however, I am pleased to announce the re-release of my personal blog. So the first question I would ask is “so what”, tell me what’s in it for me?

Since the early 1990’s I have been focused on a couple areas that really interest me personally – those being – the Internet and its impact on small businesses, small business growth strategies and making money. In fact, I have run three companies – two which I have successfully sold – so actually all three of my passions go hand in hand – basically I have the entrepreneur bug.

However, with every success comes the mistakes behind making that success – I have wounds from my days on the battlefield – but I can say that I have had more successes than failures over the years. I have had some great mentors, past and current, and I currently mentor some young entrepreneur’s whose time will be coming shortly.

So what I plan to focus on with this blog are the areas that I help young entrepreneur’s develop, information that I consult on for small businesses and in general some that I have a passion for. Those subjects will range from Internet marketing strategies, the Yellow Pages directory business, making money online, how to maximize your personal and small business finances, and introduce you to some of the bloggers who I respect and admire and probably more. I will attempt to keep this blog informative with just a little dash of humour.

Am I an expert, I don’t think so, some people believe I am – so I encourage you to challenge what I post and hopefully we can create an exciting dialogue that benefits other readers.

I look forward to serving my readers,

Darby Sieben