Link Building Guide – Useful Tips and Strategies

One of the more common questions I get from small businesses is how can I get more links to my site? The first question I ask is what types of links are you looking for? The myth that any random links to yoursite will help you get higher ranking in search engines is simply false. The key is links from trusted sources and links that make sense.

For example, creating links to your supplies and having them link back to you as a reseller would be considered a very good strategy. Having links from other websites, blogs, etc. to your news articles or specific products can also be beneficial. In some cases, it is very worth purchasing links on sites such as directories as well.

Anyway, for starters I would read Jim Westergren’s Link Building Guide – this is probably one of the best on the web and is a good starting point for any business.

If you have any questions after reading his article, drop me a line.