Intuitive Search Capabilities and Structured Results: Only on

Next generation technology consolidates Yellow Pages Group’s leadership position in local search.

Visit the Beta Site at – and compare it to the existing site –

Here is a great example of the differences between the new site and the old. If a user did a search for “nike in toronto“.

The new platform gives you this result – see result (note: this opens a new browser window)

The old platform gives you this result – see result (note: this opens a new browser window).

The difference is the new platform gives you companies that sell nike as a product, the old platform gives you 2 results of companies that have the word nike in their name.

Montréal (Quebec), June 20, 2006 – Yellow Pages Group (YPG) has developed a unique online search platform, which allows users of™ to obtain structured results with unstructured queries. Like other search engines, users will now be able to perform intuitive searches with keywords like products, brands or even landmarks, while obtaining accurate results structured according to the needs expressed in numerous usability studies. Few other search engines deliver structured results like these.

The new, lightweight and uncluttered interface of is evolving away from its directory listings format and giving users instant gratification even when they don’t know which keyword to use when conducting a search. Until now, was relatively unforgiving if you didn’t know exactly what you were looking for. Not any more. To access the beta version of the new search engine, users simply have to visit or go to the homepage of the current site and click on the beta site link.

Read the rest of the press release at the Yellow Pages Group Corporate website.