Who Says Small Businesses Can’t Advertise on TV?

Spot Runner

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Year created: 2006

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As a small business owner in the past, it was always my dream to advertise on TV. The challenge for most small businesses is not actually the cost of airtime (I rather think TV is fairly cheap CPM), it is the challenge of production.

It will be curious to see how Spot Runner does with this service, but they claim, 3 easy steps to getting on TV:

1) Tell Them About Your Business
2) Customize an already done TV commercial
3) Select your shows where you want to advertise
4) Launch your campaign

Having gone through the process, I can say they might have something here. The TV commercials they provide, you can tell they are of lower quality than the large national brands, however, it is pretty darn good considering.

The service is only available in the US currently, but for all your small businesses in Calgary who want an easy and cheap way to advertise on TV, well time will tell when it comes to Canada, but clearly that day is on its way.

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