Monthly Archives: January 2005

Taking a Page from the Investment World for your Directory Advertising

When investing in mutual funds, what are the most important things you consider? First you probably determine your risk tolerance level, your long-term objectives, and then you match those to the funds that properly represent your objectives the most.

For example, if you are a conservative investor you are likely going to be investing in mutual funds that are Lose Weight Exerciseed to bonds and income products. If you are an aggressive investor, you are most likely investing in more equity products. Continue reading

Radio and Internet: A Local Company Doing It Right

I often get asked the question, can radio and the Internet work together?

The answer is a resounding yes. Radio and the Internet compliment each other as much as TV and the Internet do it terms of cross media power.

I want to talk about a Calgary company that I believe is doing a stellar job with their current radio campaign on QR77. The company is Greg Martineau Projects. Continue reading

Trademark Infridgement

Planning to incorporate a competitor’s trademark into your pay per click campaign, meta tags, or search engine optimized services? I recommend against it.

Some still consider the Internet to be the wild west, where basically you can get away with anything provided you don’t caught. Although in many cases, businesses are getting away with trademark infringement, eventually they will caught. Continue reading

Power of Front Page Placement

How important is it for your business to have home page placement on a top rated web site on the Internet? If your plan is to achieve higher Google placement, then it is worth gold.

Let me explain in more detail. Every month, we place 6 of our clients on the home page of under featured advertisers as well as a number of clients who run contests on our network. The link goes to their profile URL which ties into their corporate web site. Here are some of the results we have generated for our clients in Google: Continue reading