Power of Reprints

When your business does television, radio, newspaper or magazine advertising are you getting all the value from it? When your campaign is done, do you just forget about it and start planning the next one? Does your business have a process where by you extend your intial advertising in the form of reprints?

Interactive e-Newsletters

Interactive e-Newsletters, when used properly, can stimulate sales and generate awareness for your brand. By interactive, I mean newsletters that engage their readers and cause them to act. Below are two really good examples of e-Newsletters and how they can be used to generate action on the part of their respective users.

Trademark Infridgement

Planning to incorporate a competitor’s trademark into your pay per click campaign, meta tags, or search engine optimized services? I recommend against it. Some still consider the Internet to be the wild west, where basically you can get away with anything provided you don’t caught. Although in many cases, businesses are getting away with trademark

Power of Front Page Placement

How important is it for your business to have home page placement on a top rated web site on the Internet? If your plan is to achieve higher Google placement, then it is worth gold. Let me explain in more detail. Every month, we place 6 of our clients on the home page of CalgaryPlus.ca